Big Boss 12 : This is what Jasleen’s father has to say about his daughter’s relationship with Anup Jalota


The big premiere of the much awaited show, Bigg Boss 12, was amazing! Actor and host of the show Salman Khan introduced all the contestants at the do, and since then, bhajan singer Anup Jalota and his partner Jasleen Matharu have become the talk of the town.

The two, in the last couple of days have taken internet by storm and have made it to the headlines as well.

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Anup and Jasleen’s romantic relationship, inspite of the massive age difference they share, has become questionable and a favourite topic for trolls.

Not only did the world not know about the Anup and Jasleen’s relationship, but in fact Jasleen’s family too was unaware about what she and the 65-years-old legendary singer share.

While speaking to Salman Khan at the premiere, she stated that the news of her dating Anupji will come as a shock to her family since they are unaware about it.

Now, Jasleen’s father Kesar Matharu has come to the forefront to talk about his daughter’s relationship with singer Anup Jalota.

“I am not at all disturbed by the online bashing. She is a trained singer and had done various stage shows with many popular Bollywood singers. We belong to a very reputed family and my daughter is already a prominent figure in the industry and there is no point in seeking cheap publicity”, Jasleen Matharu’s father was quoted as saying to News18.

He also stated that even though the news shocked him. He will not comment on his daughter’s personal life until he meets her.

He also went on to say that he wants her to remain positive in the house and emerge as a winner.

“People do give a cheap comment when they see someone flourishing in their life. One needs to face every situation with pride and move on. She should only concentrate on the show and should be completely let everything go and should not be affected with any remark,” said Kesar.

The first episode of Bigg Boss 12, especially saw a conference where other contestants targeted Anup Jalota, Jasleen Matharu and their relationship.