BJP victory margin to exceed poll survey projections: Dr Jitendra Singh


MAJULI (ASSAM): Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh has expressed confidence that BJP victory margin will exceed the poll and TV survey projections and the Party will return to power in Assam with a decisive and a much higher mandate.

When asked to comment on a national TV Channel survey brought out yesterday, according to which, the NDA was predicted to win in Assam but will return to power with lesser seats, Dr Jitendra Singh retorted saying that the same channel had during the 2019 Lok Sabha election predicted BJP defeat on some of the seats where the victory margin actually increased manifold.

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He said, what is more important is that even those of the poll surveys and those TV channels, which were not favourably disposed to BJP, are compelled to project that BJP led NDA is winning for the second time and the maximum that they are able to do is to show that the number of seats has gone down marginally.

Speaking to reporters after a massive public rally held to mark the filing of nomination papers by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, Dr. Jitendra Singh said, it is a matter of great satisfaction that the Party even having been in government for the last five years, is approaching the ensuing polls with pro-incumbency factor which is often not the case with the State Ruling Party.

He said, the people of Assam had seen that soon after when Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over at the Centre, in the first two years, the people of Assam could not get the full benefits of central schemes or the centrally funded projects because of the non-cooperative UPA government here, but soon after the government changed in 2016, there was a revolutionary transformation overnight.

Dr Jitendra Singh reminded the media persons that during the Congress rule, if at all Assam made news, it was only for the incidents of insurgency or scandals and scams in high places. But in the last five years, the news is only about massive development and there is hardly any incident of unrest or disruption of peace, he said.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, Majuli , the island tourist destinations had begun to attract worldwide attention because of the extraordinary makeover and development it has witnessed ever since Sarbananda Sonowal began to represent it in the Legislative Assembly.

He exuded confidence that people of Assam are in favour of continuing the same arrangement in the interest of optimum coordination between the Centre and State.