Blue Whale: Jammu techie has decoded the mystery – 5 Important Points



“Play games to thrill your heart and not kill your life! If a filthy game like Blue Whale Challenge ever comes your way, throw it away as such nefarious games can psychologically damage your thought process.”

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The cases of taking one own life with the Blue Whale is increasing in our country and everyone is perplexed with the question as to what this game is and what it do.

Let me explain the whole scenario to you

What is BLUE WHALE? Is it a game, an application or some virus?

You must have heard of online Chat rooms where a group of random people chat? Blue whale is similar to that, it is not any application rather it is a social media centric messaging which enters into the phone of a person through various third party applications. Everyone has seen pop-up advertisements while browsing the Internet? It is similar to that. The secretive links to the Blue Whale groups are transferred or circulated to the user through third party agents. It is not an application which gets installed on your phone and is not something to be used like the mobile application.

Who is the Founder Admin of Blue Whale Game?

Philipp Budeikin, a Russian psychology student who was expelled out of his University is the mastermind of this game. He was arrested in 2015 but other administrators are still working to channelize this game. On the making of this game, he says “I want to clean this society of biological waste.”


What is worrying is that despite the common knowledge that this deadly game started and spread on VKontakte, which is a hugely popular site in Russia, no checks were brought in place to contain the network. One can easily create a VKontakteaccount. And once you log in, and search for #bluewhale, you come across psychotic, extremely depressing messages of young people desperately wanting to play the game and end their lives. Their profiles are as macabre as it can get. There are pictures of self-injury, ghosts and horrifying sketches of people bleeding and trying to kill themselves and when you browse for it you get a link to the group and then you get added to the group



When you browse internet through your phone or any computer connected to web your browsing history (anything you browse or what you search) gets stored on various servers around the world. That is how modern day intelligent search engines on various browsers work. Since internet has become one stop source for all the questions younger generation seeks, it is only that natural people use Internet to solve their day-to-day problems in their Life. When a person goes through some trauma or some major problem in his life, he look to the internet for solutions and his search history trend changes to reflect his vulnerable mind and need. This is how the game identifies and triggers its users. The reason why youngsters are falling prey to this is because their young minds are prone to influence from various sources and they face multiple challenges and turbulences in their life, be it

competition in studies, career or in their love life. The only refuge they see is internet to get solace which is when they are exploited the most. They look to internet to feel good about themselves.



The algorithm of this game is designed in such a way that a link is sent to a specific set of people based on their browsing history and when they pass set conditions. This link is sent through chatrooms or through popup advertisements to entice people to enter the game. This is an established fact that a person in his weak psychological condition looks for anything that may allow him to feel better about himself or may allow him to prove his self-worth. This is exactly when people get hooked and addicted to drugs, alcohol or games like Bluewhale.


The first challenge on the game is that you have to watch Horror Movies and after watching you have to send a photo to the Curator or the Administrator. He is the one who gives you challenges. The first task is easy and the person who is indulged in it gradually grows more interested and feels that they can easily compete and complete the game. Specifically targeted at teenagers who consider challenges as a matter of prestige the game has spread easily. Thereafter you have to complete each mission or commonly known as DARE, and send a photo to the administrator as a proof that the player has completed the said mission or step.  The game involves 50 challenges which are monitored by a curator. They include watching horror movies and inflicting self-harm. They are expected to take photos of them undertaking the challenge and upload them as proofs for the curator’s approval. The last challenge is to commit suicide.


When you start using the game or start playing the game what it does is that it copies all your data on the phone that includes your contacts, messages, photos , videos ,passwords , your browsing history , your email accounts and any personal and embarrassing photos or videos. The player thus is blackmailed if he or she tries to leave the game. The pressure of their personal life or any harm that may be caused to their family or friends creates the spiral or unavoidable condition which unfortunately ends into the ultimate death of the player.

In cases where player does not have any compromising data on their phones the curators start harassing the player by calling at weird times, calling their family and friends and threatening to kill player’s family and near ones.


This problem is prevalent among youngsters as they are unable to share their views and the problems with their parents and naturally look to internet for solutions.

The parents should keep a check on the activities of their children, spend time with them, listen to them and try and understand their issues without being judgemental.

According to psychologists, the people who play the Blue Whale game start distancing themselves from the family or friends and prefer to stay alone. They often talk about running away from home or even about death. There can be a sudden change noticed in their eating pattern or their body language.  Since one of the rules of Blue Whale game is to cut yourself every day, identifying such small cuts on the person’s body can also help to identify if they are playing the game and seeking proper counselling and medical help for the kids. Another important rule of Blue whale that has helped people to identify it is that the player wakes up at 4.20 am (or any other time specified by the creator) and watches horror videos and movies and sometimes even goes the to terrace at midnight and screams loudly. Parents should check the activities of their children both online as well as offline.



In this case snap the internet connection, contact the police and take your son or daughter to a psychologist and try to understand your child’s problem. Engage your child in activities where you can also participate, build mutual trust and bonding where the child can open up to you. Teach your child that life is much more important than any game and counsel him about the same. In this period of time he needs immense love and affection and it is necessary for the child to feel protected and loved.