Bought a new car? Take it for inspection to RTO and get it bumped for ‘shagun’


My journey at the RTO office Tansport Nagar, jammu was nothing less than a nighmare. I literally had to make three rounds to the said office located at a shabby locality with shabbier roads and meagre parking space.

All said and done, I went to RTO with a lot of hope after seeing the advertisemnet of RTO madam compelling and requesting people to come staraight to her and not fall prey to the ‘agents’ surrounding and crowding the office thereof.

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Here’s a summary of three rounds I made to the RTO:

Round – 1

I didn’t know, where to go. There were agents surrounding me asking for money and demanding a sum, to complete all my documets, promising me to get me a number of my choice. I was reluctant and decided to go through the whole process myself. I took my old car at round no. 1 after suggestions from friends and family. I bought the papers, filled the forms and took it to counter number 26. A huge line, of AGENTS with handful of files. I had to wait for almost two hours. And when I reached the window, they asked me to complete the formalities for which I had to go to a different section. Great! I went there. The concerned person was absent.

Round – 2

I went again, on my old car hoping to find the concerned officiial. I find him, yay! But then, he asked me to get my vehicle. Shouldn’t I have been told this on day 1? Well, yes but there’s no one at RTO to guide you other than the agents who charge a hefty amount for even a single word that they utter. Another visit wasted.

Round – 3

Today, i went on my newly bought car, for inspection. Careful, I had to pave way for my new car through the broken roads to reach RTO.  Okay, I did that somehow, but then what happened next just left me dumbstruck at the sick system and functioning of RTO. Then I go inside to call the inspector. I was asked to take my car to an adjacent plot, which had a broken entrance and the pavement was so high that as I raced my car up the hillock, it made a ‘boom’ voice. In themiddle, I didn’t know weather to accelerate my car further or brink it down. Either way it was going to hurt my car.

I raced and got away with the feeling but my heart sank. Literally! Then I see  hand calling me though the window. It was the same inspector who had asked me to take the car up there, waving at me to come to his office. He didn’t even care to come out of his cozy office to inspect the car, which suffered so much to come up there. 

When I went to his office, he said inspection is over, now get the signatures of RTO and ARTO. Frustrated with my car’s condition, I went to the ARTO office but hey! The office was empty. Chairs, peons, gaurds and tables having a gala time inside the office but the main person wasn’t there.

Now here are m concerns –

Why is the road broken?

Why did i have to take my car up to the pavement?

Why is the pavement not contructed properly? It just taken a little black-topping to perfect the slant. But who cares!

Why did the inspector not come out?

Why was the ARTO not there?

If she isn’t there, shouldn’t there be some provision, to assure the public that they have done thie job? They can relax and go home.

But no, they want you to go from window to window, stand in queues, beg, and stay calm at the same time. Is that even humanly possible! Imagaine the frustration of a person, who has just hit the bottom of his car with a cemented sharp edged pavement for inspection by an official, seated 40 feet away, and inspecting your vehicle through his office window!

Then, why should people not go to agents, madam RTO?

Jobless in Jammu? Become an RTO Agent

-Submission by CJ Ramit