It’s all in the brand: Jammu Diaries


By Rishav Gupta


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Levi’s , Wrangler and Pepe’ are wrapped around the waists which cruise the city roads in Audis and BMW’s to grab a bite at Moti Mahal or that new five star restaurant just opened at that new mall in that hip part of the town, where when the sun sets, the life begins.

Yes, that’s the scenario of the new age Jammu where the life is reaching out to embrace the heights of fashion and style that can very well compare to any of the metro cities in the rest of the country. Gone are the days of confirming to the traditional old “darjee master” and buy the conventional fabrics from the local markets of fattu-de-chukan or link-road, and get the outfits tailored. These days, not only the youth, but the middle aged ones are also preferring the high end fashion stores opened in the malls like city square and wave to get all suited up and get ‘that’ look. If they cannot find their favourite brands, they very well go for the online shopping and not settle for anything less.


With the music pumping high from those expensive JBL speakers installed on the new Mercedes C class, these luxury cars are becoming IMG_1044more and more common to roam the city streets. Remember the days when the humble old Maruti 800 was the car of every family and ruled the streets of Jammu? Well now, far more beautiful and deluxe cars wander on the roads and talk about the increasing living standards of people.

The same glimpse of the enriching quality of life can be seen with the increasing number of chains of international brands springing in and around the Jammu city and many more in the race to establish their foot hold and satiate the desires of the brand conscious people in the city. Even the humble and ‘desi’ palate of Jammuites has started to turn towards the urban and lavish taste of international cuisines. Many big name food chains like KFC, Mc Donald’s, Dominos and Pizza Hut have already opened up in the city and seem to do quite well with people rushing out to enjoy the exotic dining from around the world and with little hesitation to pay for it. Remember when the birthday treats usually involved having ‘Chhole- bathure’ from Pahalwan’s? Well now the Dominos pizzas are the staple food for these parties. Even the local restaurants , like the Pahalwan’s themselves, are upping the standards of their culinary to match those of the 351_2587international competitors who would otherwise put them out of business.

With city all dressed up in the swanky designer clothes, riding in luxury cars and eating at the priciest restaurants, this changing face of Jammu is only suggestive that life has been heavily influenced by the brand consciousness and status quo. While the city of temples is still in a pleasant touch with its traditional and cultural values, it is also headed in the direction of becoming one of the fanciest towns of the country to live in. hotel-17-miles