CAG lambasts J&K Govt departments for unwise, wasteful expenditure

Image Courtesy- Online Media Sources

The Comptroller and Auditor General ( CAG ) of India has castigated the various government departments of Jammu and Kashmir in which it has alleged wasteful expenditure, blocking of funds, and fraudulent withdrawals in the report which was tabled in the state assembly. An amount of almost 800 crores is believed to have been stuck in the wasteful expenditure. Almost all the departments of the state government such as Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency, J&K police, and others have spent on things which are not useful for the respective departments.

JAKEDA which oversees Remote Village Electrification Programme and Jawahar Lal Nehru Solar Mission has been found to have several faults in it’s functioning. CAG said that this agency has failed in properly surveying the villages in remote areas, preparing DPRs, and list of beneficiaries despite getting funds from the centre. A major share of this fund has been spent on unapproved purchases, travelling allowance, air fares against the set rules. The CAG report has also revealed that JAKEDA has not distributed 14629 solar home lighting systems to the approved households. It however has distributed lights worth 3.45 crore to residents of unapproved villages. The agency has also incurred undue losses due to allotment of projects to ineligible contractors.

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CAG report also says that the state government spent less on conservation of forests, and also diverted forest land for non-forest use. The encroachment of forest land has increased by 88 per cent in the last decade. The Forest Protection force is also suffering from shortage of staff, equipment, and communication tools despite tall promises by the government. PSUs like SICOP have also been hammered in the CAG report stating that the PSUs allotted 100 canals of land to a single entrepreneur against the approved size of 2 to 4 kanals.

The PSU also allotted work contracts selectively without issuing any formals tenders or allotment letters. The CAG report has also questioned the functioning of J&K Bank in allotting loans to the concerned people. The J&K SC,ST, and OBC Development Corporation has not carried out proper survey of loan beneficiaries, says the CAG report.