Can you spot what’s wrong in this Challan Certificate?


Can you spot what’s wrong in this Challan Certificate?

Being a traffic police officer, you have a lot responsibilities towards the citizens.  In many senses, traffic officers are really responsible for making sure that the roads keep running. They have to be smart, active and quick on their feet.

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But unfortunately, not every officer has the above mentioned characteristics. Some officers  have completely ruined their professional reputation. Some of them are way too lazy in their jobs, and some act ridiculously smart and they end up being the butt of all jokes.

Let us show you  funny picture which will make you burst into laughter.

But first, can you spot any blunder in this Challan Certificate?


If you did manage to spot the mistakes, you must had a good laugh. For others, here are the mistakes.


First things first; What year  are we living in? What does 2 stand for in the above mentioned date?

Now, let’s scrutinize the second mistake. Unfortunately, here again the officer has goofed up with the year. Technically speaking, this certificate has already expired.

Poor officer as he himself does not know which year is this or he might have travelled back in time.

Jokes apart, we have to take these mistakes seriously. They might look trivial  but there are certain questions which you and I should ask.

Is it an honest mistake that was not intentionally meant to happen? Was the officer in charge in such hurry to obtain money that he lost all his discretion and committed such a foolish and silly mistake. Lastly, why do we recruit such incompetent officers in our police, who are bound to humiliate the department as well as themselves?

Till then, keep looking at this picture and have a good laugh.