Cardio or No Cardio?


There is a new trend that self-proclaimed online fitness gurus seem to be propagating these days: belittling cardio. They either have little to no knowledge of training or they want to speak against it just because someone started this trend and now they have to continue.

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If the goal is to look aesthetically pleasing, one has to gain muscle and lose fat as well. The physique that’s always wanted comes with the combination of gained muscle and lost fat.

There was a study which studied this.

They took some men who wanted to lose fat and split them into three groups:
1. Group 1 did only cardio
2. Group 2 did only weight training
3. Group 3 did weight training and some cardio

The study was done for around 8 months and the result was,
1. Group 1 lost the maximum amount of weight. Along with this group, Group 3 also lost a similar amount of weight.
2. Group 2 did not lose as much weight but they built some lean muscle mass. Group 3 also gained some lean muscle mass.
One may infer that to gain muscle, just do weight training and to lose fat, just do tonnes of cardio. This is the sad reality in most gyms.

There are benefits of weight training. It improves bone density. It reduces sarcopenia. It protects bones and joints. It gives strength. Similarly, there are benefits of doing cardio as It improves heart health. It improves endurance.

Though there are negatives of doing too much cardio, neglecting it totally is stupid. One can get muscular without doing any cardio but how good is it to climb two sets of stairs panting?

One can do low-intensity cardio for more time or high-intensity cardio for a shorter time. Three to four sessions of cardio for thirty minutes per week are great to get the results.

So, give time to weight training but do not forget doing cardio!