Centre Extends Guidelines For COVID-19 Management Till May 31


New Delhi, April 29: The Centre Govt has directed the states and Union territories to go for intensive and local containment measures in districts with a high number of COVID-19 cases to check the spread of the viral disease.

The Ministry of Home Affairs told the states to take necessary action to ensure sufficient oxygen-supported beds, ICU beds, ventilators, ambulances, including creation of makeshift hospitals.

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The MHA asked the states to identify the districts where either the COVID positivity rate was more than 10 per cent or the bed occupancy was over 60 per cent in the last one week.

The districts fulfilling any of the above two criteria should be considered for intensive and local containment measures.

The implementation framework for community containment and large containment areas, as advised by the health ministry, has also been enclosed with the MHA order. The MHA also asked the states to consider the containment measures, as conveyed in an advisory issued by the health ministry on April 25 for immediate implementation based on an assessment of the situation.