Child Pornography! Why it is important to exercise restrain on these type of contents


Child Pornography is the disease that is engulfing our society in a wide way and till not there is no important steps taken to bring down this crime. Government has made many laws against it but the practice is still going on. Children who are sensitive and are unaware of these acts are being used in illegal crime.

As a result of the dramatic rise of the internet, it’s now considerably easier to have access to child pornography. Offenders exploit this, to the point the Internet has become a platform for commercial trade. In this way, child pornography extends beyond national borders, which presents great difficulties for local police investigations.

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Through the difficult-to-control circulation of filmed sexual acts, abused children are continuously confronted with their trauma for years or even their whole lives. Until now, it has been almost impossible for them to confront their past.

Google and Facebook do their best to fight against child pornography, aiming to restrict its circulation on the Internet. As a result, techniques allowing for the long-term prevention of the distribution of perverse images are being developed.

Nevertheless, this seems to be just a drop in the ocean since it is far from a comprehensive solution to the problem. In fact, the child pornography market represents a trillion euros and has been increasing in recent years. It’s time for action!