China Builts Airstrip, Deploys Missile Regiment near LAC in Eastern Ladakh, India Objects


The Indian Army has deeply objected to China rapidly developing its infrastructure close to de facto control in eastern Ladakh. According to sources, during a recent high-level meeting between senior officers of the two armies in the region, the Indian Army objected to China’s move to build a new airstrip to land its aircraft along with the highway project. Is.

It is a matter of concern for the Indian Army that the Chinese Army is not only rapidly developing military infrastructure with people settling near the Line of Control but has also deployed some of its missile regiments there. In addition, China has already built airstrips in Kashgar, Gar Gunsa and Hotan to land its fighter cargo aircraft on the Line of Actual Control.

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According to sources, China is building its infrastructure in such areas; due to being on the slopes of the hills; it is not visible to the satellites of America and other countries. Along with this, China is recruiting and deploying Tibet’s youth and its Han soldiers on the former Line of Control.

Sources reveal that compared to last year, China has become much stronger this year in terms of barracks, roads and deployment of soldiers. In such a situation, along with widening the highway near the Line of Control and not making an airstrip, it has indicated that China’s intention is not right. He is constantly strengthening himself on the Line of Actual Control only to show an aggressive attitude. In these circumstances, the Indian Army also has no option but to improve its infrastructure along the Line of Actual Control. The Indian Army in the area has now become many times more potent than before. China had shown its uncompromising attitude by deploying its 50,000 soldiers in the Aksai Chin area with its summer war game. After this, taking retaliatory steps from the Indian Army became the need of the hour.

The Indian Army had deployed many of its battalions focusing on Pakistan by training them in High Altitude Warfare in eastern Ladakh. In the changed situation, the Indian Army and security forces in Eastern Ladakh are ensuring the security of all the areas by becoming more robust than before. At present, the campaign to strengthen the Indian Air Force is going on with the improvement of the infrastructure of the Indian Army in the harsh winter in Ladakh. The IAF is currently taking action to meet the challenges of winter in the region by conducting a massive airlift operation.