Civil Secretariat shifting to e-office by April 15


Srinagar, April 6: As the Civil Secretariat is all set to shift to e-office from April 15, the General Administration Department today directed administrative secretaries to compile a list of confidential and sensitive files to be shifted to Srinagar on Durbar Move.

The directions were issued because the confidential and sensitive files / records have not been scanned and they will be carried as it is in 10 trucks from Jammu’s Civil Secretariat to Srinagar, unlike other routine government orders, records and service issues, an official said.

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In a circular issued here by the GAD, all the Administrative Secretaries have been directed to compile a list of confidential and sensitive files / records, including files of respective subordinate move offices, which have not been scanned and require to be carried to Srinagar. The quantum of such files should be provided by all the departments to the GAD by April 15, 2021 for approval, reads the circular issued by the GAD Commissioner Secretary, Manoj Kumar Dwivedi.

“It has been decided to completely switch over to e-office by 15 of April, 2021,” the official quoting the circular said, further adding that this step was taken to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Government, and to obviate the requirement of physical movement of files from Jammu to Srinagar during Durbar Move.

To ensure its timely implementation all records and files of various Government Departments have been digitized except some sensitive and confidential files which require to be carried to Srinagar, the official added.

“It has been decided that only 10 trucks shall be arranged for shifting such sensitive records and files to Srinagar.”

Arrangements shall also be put in place by all the Administrative Secretaries in the Civil Secretariat Jammu for maintaining and retrieval of files/records by retaining some manpower / record keepers from each Department at Jammu. The Director Estates shall ensure the proper upkeep and safeguard of the files to be kept at Jammu with proper anti-rodent/anti-terminate measures.

The Durbar Move offices will close in Jammu on April 30 and the move office shall reopen May 10, 2021 at Srinagar.