Communal violence in Jammu is the manifestation of deep wedge among people


curfew (11)Curfew has been imposed in Samba and Baribrahmana areas of Jammu after communal clashes broke out between the majority and minority community in the area over the organization of a traditional wrestling bout on a piece of disputed land which is claimed by groups of two communities. The clashes erupted after a traditional wrestling event which was scheduled at Bassi Kalan village near Baribrahmana had to be called off as members of a community claiming that the land belonged to them refused to allow the tournament. This however angered the people who blocked the National Highway, and torched three private vehicles before administration swung into action and imposed curfew as a prohibitory measure. A number of people including policemen were also injured in the clashes.

The wrestling event had to be called off as one community refused to allow this tournament claiming the land belonged to them. Locals said the trouble arose when members of a tribal community claimed ownership of a large chunk of land, and refused to let the others organize a wrestling tournament. The tribals are believed to have managed a stay order against the organization of wrestling tournament which annoyed the local population. The locals meanwhile allege that a large number of people from other parts of Jammu have been allowed to encroach land along the outskirts of city particularly in vilages which have forest, Panchayati and government land with the objective of changing the demography of the region. Locals allege that demography of the region is under threat, and violent communal clashes in Kishtwar, and now in Baribrhamna are the manifestation of the deep wedge which is being created in this region. The locals also allege that the administration allows these issues to linger as it wants the state to get polarized on religious grounds.

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