Comparing Srinagar to Jammu, constituency-wise

Image Courtesy: State times

JAMMU: Delimitation is one word that created a lot of budge on Tuesday, within Jammu & Kashmir, as also all over the country.

We can draw a comparison between Srinagar and Jammu, the summer and winter capital, respectively of J&K.

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It is apparently the grossly unequal manner in which the two regions are treated that is responsible for more assembly seats in the Kashmir region.

All figures can be cross-checked on the official website of the Election Commission. They pertain to the 2014 assembly elections.

Srinagar is a very compact city in terms of very dense population and has a very limited area of around 294 sq km.

The largest constituency in Srinagar has 120339 voters and the smallest only 51010. The average number of voters per constituency in Srinagar is 78225.

Srinagar has only one constituency with over 100000 voters. It has one constituency with over 90000 voters
In contrast, Jammu is a much larger geographically, many times more than Srinagar in terms of area. The largest constituency has 168643 voters, while the smallest has only 53316 voters. The average number of voters per constituency in Jammu is 91905.

Jammu has two constituencies with over 100000 voters and two constituencies with over 90000 voters.
All the relevant figures are being given here-under for comparison and contrast.

1. 25 Batmalloo 120339
2. 18 Hazratbal 99850
3. 23 Amira Kadal 86514
4. 24 Sonawar 77505
5. 19 Zadibal 76909
6. 20 Eidgah 58822
7. 22 Habba Kadal 54852
8. 21 Khaniyar 51010
Total= 625801

Average voter per constituency= 78225.

At 91905 voters per constituency, the number of constituencies in Srinagar will be 7, a reduction of one constituency.

1. 71 Gandhi Nagar 168643
2. 73 Jammu West 153540
3. 78 Raipur Domana 96694
4. 79 Akhnoor 94419
5. 74 Bishnah 89188
6. 80 Chhamb 72413
7. 75 R S Pura 77134
8. 70 Nagrota 72156
9. 77 Marh 71361
10. 76 Suchetgarh 62095
11. 72 Jammu East 53316

Total= 1010959

Average voter per constituency=91,905

At 78225 voters per constituency, as in Srinagar, the total number of constituencies in Jammu will be 13, not 11 as at present, an increase of two constituencies.

This is likely to happen in other districts too, in a delimitation de novo. Across the state. Generally, what is believed is that the electoral weightage of Kashmir will reduce as that of Jammu and Ladakh will go up in an new delimitation.

This is why talks about a fresh delimitation are a huge source of annoyance in the Kashmir region.

Within the Kashmir region, let us compare two constituencies, of Khaniyar in Srinagar city and Kupwara. Khaniyar has only 51010 voters. Kupwara has 106807 voters. Is that just? Is Kupwara more developed and compact than Khaniyar?