Congestion, parking problems pose threat to Jammu

 Citizen Journalist Rakesh Jalali

With growing traffic every now and then in Jammu, has become a talk of town with every citizen facing lot of problems, while going to his or her routine job daily. Parking problem in Jammu has increased manifold, over a passage of time, now, which further gives rise to the traffic congestion on main roads and has become so severe in interiors of the urban civilisation, even daily scuffle in gali mohalla , lanes & by-lanes is witnessed with tempers going high with no basic fault of them (citizens). At times, unpleasant & uncouth remarks are seen,  exchanged in full public view.
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During day to day discussions one may directly hold lawmakers solely responsible for this problem, who probably didn’t get to their (lawmakers) attention such a grave problem & always skipped off to find out the correct ways & means to put a final curb on this alarming problem, which can otherwise, take a very critical shape, if not controlled now.
There is no single gali, lane, road on outer as well as internal peripheries of Jammu, where there is no parking problem, if not controlled in near future, the day is not so far, when the walk of life shall be in a state of jeopardy & all the vehicular traffic & public movement shall come to a standstill. Some ways & measures suggested to overcome this problem are as under:-
First, Housing & urban development department of the state government must advocate for a strong legislation by incorporating in its order a new law mandatory to all the stakeholders, may it be Govt or private agencies to make it compulsory to provide a sufficient parking space to their (Seekers ) establishments & govt accordingly should vouch to push it on for a cabinet clearance.
After the final nod from cabinet, strictures be passed by the Housing & Urban Dev Deptt to its right wing JMC to not pass any design or drawing of the buildings belonging to any Govt or Pvt project authority, which does not contain enough parking space for its staff & visitors.
Whosoever, found guilty of violating the new & amended standardised norms, whether a JMC staffer or permission seeker…may be punished under the permissible laws of the land.
Second, the Govt should also think seriously to amend its laws to make construction of basement compulsory for the domestic construction on the basic pattern of Delhi, where the provision of basement in construction of commercial as well as domestic buildings have been made mandatory by the Delh Govt in order to ease out public from its grave parking problem. Since then the traffic & public moment has become smooth to a large extent in interiors of Mohallas & colonie of Delhi.
Wave Mall is a rare example of systematic parking model in Jammu.
There are many old buildings in our state such as cinema halls, commercial complex & other business establishments, which were passed by the previous government,  despite the fact, they were not having any parking facility.
Even in recent past, some mini malls & shopping complexes at Channi area, Shivaji chowk & in many other parts of the city are built without providing a parking facility, only with the connivance of JMC officials.
Mammoth Pvt or even government buildings such as hospitals, dispensaries, nursing homes & big showrooms are built on roadside, without any parking facility in it, thus….leaving parking of vehicles to the mercy of god, then starts the queuing up of the cars & two wheelers on the roadside to make heyday for the owner of those business establishments & hell for the general public.