Constitution as Religion


In Today’s Contemporary World, we can see various incidents where religion comes in conflict with the “Laws of State”.
What is Religion? Group of people with strong faith in some laws whether societial or ritualistic made in ancient era, that were made according to contemporary needs of that society.

To be True to ourselves are we following the same religion, that is being transferred from generations. Isn’t the religion is same as the group of people having “Faith” in some common accapted laws.

In ancient times work was given more importance so the groups were given particular identity for instance gotra system, varna system, caste based system. Then came the time of expansion of control on land and settlements where land got more importance this led to the grouping of people on the identity of religion they live in and new social laws were made based on different identities but instead of dilusion they became sacred with time.

This led to multiple identities of an individual based on the birth, work, religion, gender etc. Isn’t the constituion of different states today are part of similar process that started from grouping of people of different identities and then making commonly accepted laws what has become difficult today is dealing with previous identities and laws associated with them, with the new modern identities emerging as per the need of the society whats the fun of having laws and norms made in ancient times for differenr groups with identities that are not even relevant today.

Constitution is result of societial needs but what is modern in it is its flexible nature, what should had happened with ancient laws but didn’t happened and become sacred with time.

Today identities are based on boundaries. Laws are made by states accepted by people. Questioning to laws made according to societial needs on the basis of ancient laws is like making mockery of your own intelligence and faith.

God is a personal matter of individuals and is connected with individuality not society.

Time has come that the identities of past should be blurred and new identities with news laws on demand not burdened by birth are made. We should set aside our spiritual matters as personal issues while accepting the modern laws as new religion.

Article by: Mohit Kumar Manhas