Cop breaking general traffic rules


In a recent drive launched by J&K police where over 2000 vehicles were impounded in the state is fresh in the minds of all the two-wheeler riders. The Police wanted to straighten up the faltering citizens who break rules such as not wearing crash-helmets or plying without documents or rash driving and obviously the triple riding which is the focus in this image.


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The initiative was definitely a good step by the J&K police to imbibe the general good sense of following traffic rules in public, but hey, the rules are only for public after all!

Here is an image from Vikram Chowk, Jammu, where a cop is openely violating traffic norms, not one but two rules seem violated. Alas! nobody will catch such cops who flout rules even as they are the ones who are supposed to be the keepers of the law.

Can you see how even the Number plate is half broken? Had it been any civilian, the poor fellow would have to pay a fine.

Rules are definitely for fools. Dear general public, you are the fools just in case you havent yet gauged the laughter.