Dear JMC Commissioner, the Rehri Zone idea is brilliant, but you need to implement it!


By Citizen Journalist Sukreet Gupta

This is in reference to the latest  Rehri Zone created by the visionary Commissioner of JMC , Madam Mandeeep Kaur.
It is really a mark of talent and vision to create waste spaces in Jammu into useful places around the city. This particular step if followed religiously will surely add beauty to our city.

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But it is really hurting to see when such brilliant ideas are being ignored and people don’t follow it .

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Few days back I went through the main road from Bikram Chowk to Satwari and was very happy to see people parking their vehicles on one side and eating the local delicacies of Jammu. Now at least we can also take our cousins and friends to some specific points from out side to enjoy delicacies. This is indeed a brilliant idea.

I am a regular cyclist and reside at Talab Tillo, we  keep moving in different parts of the city and have seen many such places which earlier were waste land and now has been converted into Rehri zones but when I go back to my home and pass Akhnoor road, I feel all the effort is in vain.

All Rehri Wala leave the designated Rehri Zones and stand here and there, creating lots of mess and jams in the always busy Akhnoor road.

I my opinion there must be proper check on these guys to follow the rules and they should not be allowed to come out of the designated Rehri Zone. If anybody is seen out, then he should be fined and there should be surprise check on such activities from time to time. If anybody repeats it, his license should be suspended for a week and if repeated for third time then it should be canceled.

In addition to this, there is another suggestion that such Rehri zones compulsorily have eateries, so that people become habitual to visit such places only which can be equivalent of Khau Galis in bigger cities.

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