Delay in Government Formation Continues

Image Courtesy - PTI

The sudden death of Last Chief Minister of the state Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has put his daughter and the only appropriate heir of his chair into a very tight spot. The future of the politics of this volatile state have come on her shoulders.
She is the one who can take a call whether the party will continue its alliance with the BJP or not. The decision which she will be going to make can shake the political landscape of the state.
However, Mehbooba has called PDP’s alliance with BJP “unpopular” and as per what it was speculated in the political corridors, if she decides to go on with the re-formation of government with BJP, holding on to their voters will then be a very tough task for PDP.
The PDP’s agenda to fetch votes during the last assembly elections was a promise to keep BJP out of power in the state but then it broke the promise by forming an alliance with BJP only.
On the other hand, if the PDP president make a decision to end the alliance with BJP, there is going to be fresh elections in the state and that will bring a number of uncertainties with it.
With Mehbooba remained unwilling to take oath as the next CM of the state, the state will complete one whole month without government on 7th of this month. There are two reasons as to why she is so reluctant to take a call.
Earlier she was not able to take an oath as she was mourning her father’s death but after a while, her reason for not coming up with a decision becomes her dissatisfaction from alliance partner.
Mehbooba wanted a written reassurance of the timely implementation of components of agenda of alliance from BJP and BJP is disagreeing on that part. This made Mehbooba furious and finally this week, she ended her long silence and called PDP’s alliance with BJP, a courageous but unpopular decision.
As Mehbooba read out the cost of allying with the BJP, she demanded a time frame from the alliance partner for implementing the already agreed upon agenda.
Another former minister and senior PDP leader, Altaf Bukhari also said that PDP president with her speech has made a very clear point that the coalition partner has to walk an extra mile if it wants to keep the coalition going.
He quoted that PDP is not taking or leaving the alliance but it is demanding that what is to be done a year later needs to be done now which hints that the government formation was likely.
However, an insider has also claimed that PDP also have no other option than to continue the alliance. But Mehbooba’s new aggressive avtaar is to regain the trust of her voters and that is why it is “symbolically important”.
As per Altaf Bukhari, the voters of both PDP and BJP are completely opposite. The alliance was unpopular in Kashmir but still PDP took the decision to achieve something significant.
However with Mufti’s death, PDP got a chance to rethink. But the problem now is that there is a very little scope left in this rethinking.
Here are the three scenarios possible for PDP at this moment:
PDP-BJP government
It is easiest thing most likely to happen. Since BJP was the second largest party which emerged so for the first time in the state, leaving them , the govt formation will not be a very good option at this point. Also, by not forming a govt with BJP, PDP will offend the centre which it cannot afford at this point of time.
Fresh elections
It is one tough call since fresh elections comprise of uncertainties.
New coalition
This is most unlikely to happen. If not BJP, NC and congress are the two options for alliance. However, Omar is clear that he did not want to make any offer to PDP and with Congress, there is going to be trouble with economic resources in New Delhi, which is the state’s biggest need.