A dentist with no clinic, no education and no medical degree


Devinder Singh is a dentist with no clinic, no education and no medical qualification.

The man is serving his paOptimized-altAspuAn81Q3RT27xC2vbAjB5Bi32rcg07bGNsm-lZDQ1_ (1)tients from the last 10 years, at B.C. road, Jammu. Devinder Singh, the desi doctor claims that no patient has ever returned to him with  any  sort of complaint. For the last 10 years he has been serving them  just like any other doctor, but minus the hefty charges burning a hole in their pocket. “I only charge Rs. 150 for one extraction,” he tells. He claims with pride that there has been no complaint from any customer in my working years and “I don’t even own any medical degree, ” he adds.


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The ‘Desi Doctor’ hails from Kapurthala, Punjab and has been residing in Jammu from the last several years. He has been treating patients of almost every age, including kids as well. None of his patient is dissatisfied, and with almost negligible charges he happily serves people who are below the poverty line and can’t afford expensive medical treatment. His lack of any technical education has never become an obstacle in his work, there are many patients who visit him on regular basis and he has never even raised the charges  despite his popularity among the locals.