Diwali 2016: I bought crackers worth Rupees 100 and it felt great!



This diwali is different in many ways. This Diwali I dressed up like always, I ate sweets like always but something seems different. What is it? Less noise, less pollution, less traffic. The reason may be Indo-pak relations or growing pollution. But, one thing I noticed is the fact that people had decorated their houses the same way but the noise is controlled. A fragnant air of peace prevail. A calm, peaceful diwali without much humdrum. And needless to say, I am loving this low-key diwali affair.

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I went to the market to purchase crackers with 5,000 rupees in my pocket. But as I reached the cracker stall, something stopped me from buying them and I ended up buying what you see in the photo. As mom always says ‘Shagun’ ke patakhe. So here’s the list of my Shagun ke Patakhe:

1 pack churchhuri

1 chakri

2 anaars

1 Ladi

and 1 Pop up

My conscience asked me to go green this diwali, how about you?

Reader’s Submission – By CJ Ankit Mahajan