DO YOU KNOW, J&K was under President’s Rule for continuous 6 years



In the view of sudden death of former Chief Minister of the state, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and the delay in government formation by his daughter, Mehbooba Mufti,  who is also the president of People’s Democratic Party, J&K state has been put under Governor Rule since January 09.

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It is not the first time that the state of Jammu and Kashmir has is experiencing this weird political scenario. The reason being the state has been the target for Pakistani and Chinese invasion ever since Independence. There are a list of instances when the political scenario went haywire in the state. For example, it is for the second time in a year that the Governor’s Rule has been implemented in the state.

Our state also holds the record of staying longest under President’s Rule with the duration 6 years 264 days.

This is the year 1990 when insurgency was at the peak in Jammu and Kashmir and the state administration had failed to control the situation.

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When the state government of any state fails to function as per the Constitution, it directly comes under the control of the central government. However, in Jammu and Kashmir, when the state constitutional machinery fails, the Governor’s Rule is implemented and within six months of imposition, if there is no revocation of Governor’s Rule,  President’s Rule under Article 356 of the Indian Constitution is imposed. This ofcourse, after all the legislators jointly agree for the same.

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On Jan 19, 1990, in the wake of growing insurgency and a complete break down of law and order in Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Government applied an Armed Forces Act to curb possible military threat from Pakistan. Following this, the state of Jammu and Kashmir went under Governor’s Rule between January 1990 and July 1990 and after six months, since the governor’s rule was not revoked the state came under President’s rule for the next years w.e.f July 1990 and October 1996.