Does VT symbol on every Airplane shows India is still under British slavery ?


When you fly on an airplane have you ever noticed that the names of an airplane in India start with a prefix “VT”? Well, nobody has ever noticed or only frequent buyers must have noticed this. Do you know what this prefix or alphanumeric code means and what it stands for?

“VT” stands for Victorian or Viceroy’s Territory. This the code that every plane in India is required to use. This code was given to India at British times and believe it or not it is the symbol of India’s British slavery for over 200 years.

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Are we still under British rule? No, we are not then why this code is still being used all over Hindustan. Why after the 200 years of Independence we are unable to change the symbol?

Even countries like China, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka have hanged their codes but why not India. Many attempts have been made so far but the condition and the code remains the same. Only failure has been seen regarding this important issue. In fact, the Indian government tried to change it in 2004 and applied to give one of the three names:
1. IN i.e. India
2. BH i.e. Bharat
3. HI i.e. Hindustan
But Indian code could not be changed because code of “B” series held by China, so India did not get Bharat, Italy held code of “I” series so India did not get “IN” code and “HI” series has been given to the Dominican Republic that is why India did not get “Hindustan” code.

India has shed many British legacies but this is the only thing we are still carrying forward.

Question is for how many years are we going to carry this British slavery mark or symbol?