The doughty Kiran Bedi- Know what you Must


“As long as women continue to be in a position of receiving rather than giving, they shall continue to bear injustice.” – Kiran Bedi


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With Kiran Bedi as the new BJP face, the party is seemingly ready to compete against its major threat- Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi. The retired Indian Police Service officer and social activist is likely the CM candidate for BJP in these elections. She is till date known for her daring act of towing Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s car for a parking violation.Here are a few things you must know about the Iron Lady.

Kiran_Bedi_11. Kiran Bedi, who hails from Amritsar, Punjab, joined the Police service in 1972 and became the first woman officer in the IPS. She was posted as the Sub-Dvisional Police Officer at the Chankyapuri Police Station in New Delhi. However, her career began as a Lecturer in Political Science after she completed her PhD in Social Sciences from IIT, Delhi. Bedi writes that she joined Police service “because of her urge to be outstanding.”


kiran-bedi2. She was awarded the United Nations medal for her work with the UN.Her assignments included New Delhi traffic postings, Deputy Inspector General of Police in Mizoram, Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of Chandigarh, Director General of Narcotics Control Bureau, Civilian Police Advisor for United Nations peacekeeping operations.

kiran bedi3. She is known to be the highest ranking and the only woman to have headed a pre-dominantly male prison of the dimesnion of Tihar. The prison administration took path-breaking steps during her tenure . Her reformatory steps led to a transmission of an unparallaled magnitude. Her holistic and courageous approach towards prison governance made her earn the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for Governmrnt service in the year 1994.

kiran-bedi (2)4. Her posting with the Narcotics Control Bureau is another glory-story of the tough lady. With a magazine called ‘Narcontrol’ she initiated sharing of information which hitherto was considered confidential. The magazine is the only official magazine on Narcotics in the country. Along with this remarkable step, she left no stone unturned in taking up clearnace operatios of illicit narcotics production.

kiran-bedi-inner5. She found two NGOs namely Navjyoti India Foundation and India Vision Foundation. The former was incorporated in 1988 and it reaches out thousands of marginalised sections of the society, in education, skills and self Reliance. The latter focuses on education of Prisoners, children, skills training for rehabilitation.

During her tenure of administration, crime fell, people participated as well as contributed, criminals came on the mend, reform houses were institutionalized, comunity policing was visible known all around. Peace committees were formed to prevent communal riots and crimes against women. Kiran Bedi was revealed as a Police Reformer and her tenure became the precursors for her prison reforms.