Drunk Chinese Man Vomits, Throws up Undiagnosed Tumour, Then Swallows it Back


China: A Chinese man after drinking vomits so hard that a meatball-like mass came out which he then swallowed back thinking that it was his body part but actually it was long-ignored undiagnosed tumor.

A 63-year-old man from Hubei in China had been feeling discomfort in his throat for some time, especially while swallowing food. However, he decided to ignore the problem.

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After a recent binge-drinking session, he began throwing up and felt a sudden sharp pain in his throat followed by the sudden presence of a meatball-like mass in his mouth.

The man was so drunk that he thought he had vomited a part of his body out, and quickly swallowed the ‘meatball’ back with a glass of water.

After the incident, the man decided to see a doctor. He went to a hospital in Wuhan where the doctors conducted an endoscopic test. The medical test led to the discovery that the “meatball” was a tumour growing in the man’s oesophagus.

When the doctors conducted more tests, they found out that the tumour had grown up all the way to the man’s throat. If it was not treated in time, it cloud have blocked the trachea and caused suffocation, according to the Oriental Daily. After surgery, the doctors were able to remove the 15 centimetre-long and 4 centimetre-thick tumour which they identified as a fibroma.

According to medical experts say that the tumour is a type of fibroid, generally benign, but excessive growth can lead to eating obstruction and poses a potential malignancy threat.