Credit to Mehbooba, Learning for BJP


By Namita Sharma

Due credit must be given to PDP, and Mehbooba Mufti for sticking to its ideology, and pushing the BJP on backfoot over the implementation of ‘Agenda of Alliance’ which is an anti-Jammu, and even anti-national document. The agenda of alliance meant that BJP had to forgo its most important ideological issues that included abrogation of article 370, delimitation and several other issues. It also meant soft-pedaling PDP’s separatist ideology, and support to anti-national groups that do not want to work in the realm of the constitution.

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In Jammu region, which had voted for BJP for its hawkish stand on J&K, the people are shocked because of the capitulation of the state, and central leadership led by Ram Madhav bowing to the antics of the PDP. While Naeem Akhtar has no qualms in challenging BJP, and leadership of PM Modi over agenda of alliance, and package to Kashmir the BJP leadership says that it is waiting for the alliance government to be formed.

What shocks people is abject surrender and appeasement of Kashmiri leadership for the sake of power in Jammu and Kashmir. What the BJP has forgotten is that such spineless behavior will not get it wiped out in next elections in the state but it is going to send a very wrong signal across the country that the party cannot stand for the country. How will BJP ask for votes in Jammu to whom it had promised end of discrimination, and delimitation in the state?

Already two attacks by the Pak back terror groups in Gurdaspur, and Pathankot have dented the image of Modi government. People are now feeling that the pre-election bravado of Modi has not turned into action, and while the BJP accused Congress of serving Biryani to Pakistanis the saffron party is itself not averse to eating the birthday cakes, although with the pre-condition that it should not contain eggs. But it would be better for BJP to think and act soon otherwise it will have an egg on it’s face, and nowhere to go.