Education Department Budgam extends monetary support to CWSN


BUDGAM, JUNE 30: Under humanitarian gesture, the Chief Education Officer Budgam, Fatima Tak today released allowances particularly educational expenses among Children with Special Needs (CWSN).

The allowances were released to such children as their parents mostly belonging to underprivileged class hardly make any earnings and the circumstances for them worsened further due to unprecedented fall out of Covid-19 pandemic.

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CEO Budgam in order to provide support and monetary benefits to these CWSN has come up with many initiatives like transferring the allowances of different nature through DBT mode into their individual bank accounts.

This timely monetary support Rs. 400 per student has enabled 125 students reading in elementary class to purchase their school uniforms, in addition transport allowance Rs 2500 per student reading in elementary class, simultaneously Escort Allowance Rs 255 per student to 58 students reading in elementary classes was also provided.

Besides 18 students reading in secondary and higher secondary classes were given Rs. 400 each on account of Escort Allowance.

The CEO Budgam said that the department’s focus is to ensure that no child remains without education and added that apart from these initiatives more and more support for this needy class is in offing.

The CEO appealed to parents of CWSN to develop confidence in the minds of their wards and give foremost priority towards the upbringing and education of their children with special needs.