Even Jammu has two immediate victims of every Unrest in the Valley



By Citizen Journalist Gaurav Balgotra

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Jammu, 14 July: Following the encounter of Hizbul commander Burhan Muzzafar Wani on 8th of July 2016, Mobile Internet services were suspended and continue to remain barred which has affected every person of the state.

While students, doctors, media persons and other people of professional world have been affected badly by the ban, even tourists in the state who bought sim cards of J&K so as to keep themselves connected with their family, friends and most importantly their work. Thanks to the ban neither can they book their tickets nor can they modify their bookings.

Booking may be one issue, many tourists and pilgrims are unable to search various travel sites to look for tourist destinations and attractions. The Media fraternity has also felt the heat as they have been unable to share information, on the go and have to stick to their offices or homes for continuous connectivity.

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It is not for the first time that internet ban has been imposed in Jammu due to unrest in the valley. Internet services were also snapped for 2 days last year in the month of September and on few other occasions but the people of Jammu have kept their morale high in such scenarios and internet ban is just a small issue. Previously J&K has seen an SMS ban for years and this was much before the advent of Blackberry Messenger or the later WhatsApp.

Amid protests and political tensions in the valley the other sector which faces the grave consequences is the Tourism sector. With the already crumbling tourism in our state this state of unrest adds nothing but more people who cancel their plans to visit our state. Imagine if you are planning to visit a state for holidays with your friends, family etc and on the national television you see reports of firing, protests and stone pelting would you go to such destination? Well, we all know the answer.

The tourism sector of Jammu region is already facing so much ignorance from the government with no major development done in this sector for past so many years. There have just been plans of few projects under construction for years and most of these are still on papers gathering dust. This unrest in the valley has affected the livelihood of people in Kashmir as well as Jammu who are connected to the tourism sector as numerous tourists come to Jammu almost yearly have cancelled their visit to the city of temples as they feel insecure in visiting our state. This in turn has affected scads of Jammu based businessmen dependent on tourism industry like the ones in Raghunath Bazaar, Hari market or Shiv market Railway station among others.

With very little help and hope from government these businessmen can only hope for some footfall of the tourists. Again it’s not for the first time that tourism of Jammu has suffered a loss because of the turmoil in the valley but just like a big brother, Jammu region shall stand beside the trouble creating younger sibling with hopes and prayers that normalcy and peace return to valley.