Everyday Struggles of an Independent Jammu girl


Life is not as easy as it seems for girls who are staying in Jammu, especially for those who commute via public transport or walk their way back to homes of offices or even those who go by scooties.

Over the last couple of years, the the summer capital of J&K is rapidly becoming dishonorable because of rapes, molestation and harassment cases.

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Here are three struggles evert Jammu girl faces in her day today life:

1.Molestation: You just cannot point out any girl around who hasn’t faced sexual molestation. No, I am not exaggerating at all. Believe me! One can easily find such incidents in matadors, streets or buses on a daily basis. Last month, a teenager travelling in matador was gang-raped by the driver, conductor and his aides. One of the cons following such incidents in a city like Jammu, is that people don’t open  up about such incidemts, fearing the fact that jammu is a small city and if reported the girl would have to bear the burder for life. This is not at all surprising, as even the police often blames woman or her clothes in such cases.

2.Harassment At Work: With less opportunities in private sector for women in jammu, women are unabashedly exploited at workplace. This is yet another problem faced by most of the Jammu girls/women on a daily basis. What we all require is to get a promotion or increment, in general? Generally, hard work, good command over the process, excellent skills or good experience, this is what is required to be eligible for promotion in every organization of the world. But that’s not enough for girls. They need to please their bosses, cooperate with their inappropriate remarks and touches, and sometimes have to sleep with them to get a fu****g promotion. But why women have to go through this shit? Why it’s not applicable for men? Over the top, if woman surrenders herself to such behavior, then she earns the reputation of ‘Corporate slut.

3.Fear Of Peeping Toms: Jammu girls are now facing this new emerging problem not only in parks with their boyfriends but also in malls, trial rooms, paying guests and public washrooms. There are many incidents when couples looking for some cozy moments in Delhi parks get caught by peeping toms who later harass and extort money from them. But recently, a landlord was arrested for downloading nude pictures of five college girls from a computer connected to the web camera placed in their bathroom via a cable. In another incident which took place in Jammu’s well-known mall’s sports apparel store, a girl caught a store employee taking her pictures on his smartphone while she was trying a dress in a trial room.

Likewise, there are several problems that Jammu girls face on a regular basis such as eve-teasing, vulgar stares and comments on their assets, but our government is as helpless as it always was.

Till today, girls have to face such problems every day and there is no stringent law implemented by the government or civil authorities. When media persons ask these ministers and officials about such cases in the city, they start blaming girls dressing sense.

But why?

What about those boys who wear disgustingly tight “chooridaar” pants and show their underwear via their low waist jeans? Why shorts and deep neck t-shirts are allowed for boys but not for girls? Why girls are called “Chalu” or “Intentional Show offers” when they wear shorts, skirts, cleavage-revealing tops or body-hugging clothes? Unfortunately, some people don’t want to address these questions as their thought process is as same as molesters and rapists. If given a chance, they would do the same thing because their mind-set is no different from them. Therefore, Delhi girls need to be brave and learn to teach a great lesson to these bloody desperate beings, rather than expecting anything from like-minded officials and ministers.

By Citizen Journalist Irit