Exclusive : A day of sunshine for obese


Desires keep piling up inside our hearts and minds and so does the agony of getting them fulfilled. One of the most aspired desires seen in people is to stay fit. Truth is everyone starts a wellness program with the best of intentions. But as we all know, it can take just one little thing, something as small as one cookie or one bad day at work to throw us into a spin. Life will never be without pitfalls. Work, family, children, friends, a lack of time, deadlines and disappointments, they’re all a natural part of life. How we adapt is vital to whether or not we continue with our intention to shape up and slim down.

It breaks the heart of obese people who fail to attain the simple pleasure of being called shaped. They consider themselves to be those kinds of underprivileged who are like those hamsters who keep running on the wheel and reach nowhere. This leads them feeling to be body shamed at the end of the day. It obviously is not always what people intend to do, parents would always be concerned about the health of their children, but chubby cheeks get offended at times.

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Here we need to understand two aspects, one is the fact that health should be given huge importance and we need to find out why actually is it tough for obese to shed obstinate kilos. It obviously is more difficult for them to shift excess weight. Initially it becomes hard for them to find motivation to get into a better lifestyle by bringing their physique into shape and when then finally pull up their socks it is not very easy for them to do it.

Researchers claim to have discovered the reason why people who are obese find trouble in shedding inches. According to the scientists there could be a scientific reason behind such failure to reach the target. According to them the basic problem falls with scarred and inflamed fat cells. Researchers at Exeter University analyzed fat cells in obese participants’ bodies and found out that they were starved of oxygen, which triggered inflammation in the fat tissues.

This leads the fat tissues to be less absorbing the extra calories from food, causing it to wrap around vital organs including the liver, muscle and heart. This certainly leads to obesity related health complications such as fatty liver disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

But now there seems to be a ray of sunlight in the dark lives of our obese mates. The teams of researchers believe that they have made a breakthrough which could probably put a stop to the process and help obese people with their weight loss journey.

The researchers have said to have discovered a molecule called Lysyl oxidase (LOX), which was more prevalent in people who were obese with scarred fat. As a result, they believe that developing a drug to prevent this molecule from developing could be the answer. And for obese ones it would be like all of their prayers are heard finally!

Kudos to the saviors of science!