Fail in order to Succeed!


Each individual tries to win, to succeed, and to be glad. Losing and winning are two boards of life. We lose something to pick up something. What you should lose must be your bad qualities, narrow mindedness, hate, selfishness, ego, outrage, desire, childishness, inferiority and superiority complexes.

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What you will win every day, subsequent after losing the abovementioned, is confidence, respect, the pride of being, love, great health and a positive character. Winning has numerous shades to it. Olympian Lawrence Lemieux was cruising his approach to win the gold decoration in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

He was most of the way to complete second when a capsized vessel came into his view, with just one of its two group members attempting to clutch the toppled vessel. Lawrence had to take a decision. He could proceed to complete his race and engraving his name in Olympic history, or he could proceed to spare obscure mariners who were in trouble.

Lemieux settled on a decision that makes us talk about him here. He went towards the vessel that was destroyed, hauled the principal mariner Joseph Chan into his boat. He at that point protected the other mariner Shaw Her Siew into his vessel and afterward waited for help to arrive. A Korean Navy rescue boat came and took Siew and Chan with them.

It took him 15 minutes to protect and to administer the rescue task.

He continued his race and completed at 22nd position. He couldn’t cover this colossal hole in next two races and lost in his undertaking to win. Be that as it may, the Canadian won for himself and mankind, International Olympic Committee’s ‘Pierre de Coubertin Medal’ for genuine sportsmanship.