Five Must Visit Shrines of Jammu that are not on the tourism map



Shrines of Jammu


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With a temple at every few steps, Jammu is so rightly called a place of temples. Spirituality is in the air of Jammu and to prove it, there are a large number of temples in the area for worshipping many different Gods and Goddesses. Here are five of them that are  not there in the tourism map but are a must visit in Jammu:

Nag Temple in Patnitop: Patnitop is Jammu’s most favourite tourist attraction and a usual stopover for the travelers between Jammu-Amritsar & Srinagar. Especially in winter seasons, people from Jammu and outside as well visit Patnitop to enjoy snowfall. When in Patnitop, do not miss a stroll to this 800-year old Nag Temple. It is situated at a walk able distance from almost all hotels in Patnitop. It is not a big temple but it is well maintained and a very peaceful place. If you are a person with spiritual inclination then this place is really for you.

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Also, the temple is surrounded by a little market area by J&K handlooms with some shops selling “Bulbul ka Bacha”, a local name for Pashmina blankets/shawl/ quilts etc.


Kalika Temple in Reasi: Situated on hilltop at a walk able distance from main Reasi Bus Stand. This 300-year old temple is devoted to Mata Kali. As per the local population, the temple was built on the top of this hill after Mata Kali came in the dream of a pandit named Jagat Ram Sharma and presented herself in the form of a stone, called Pindi, lying below the ground on this hill. The man then dug the ground and found the Pindi ultimately.

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The best time to visit this place is during Navratri where the entire temple is decorated beautifully.


ISKCON in Udhampur: ISKCON Temple is situated at the east of Udhampur City. This is one magical place. Visiting this place can swing you to another world specially during the morning and evening Aarti when the chants of HARE KRISHNA HARE RAMA fill your heart with sheer pleasure. It is not an old temple but is the biggest ISKCON temple in the state.

Iskon Temple
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ISKCON also houses a gurukul named Srila Prabhupada International Gurukul (SPIG), Govinda’s restaurant, where you get simple homely food to relish and a gift shop also exhibits Lord Krishna and Radha souvenirs on Janmashtami.

Baba Pehar Devata Temple in Nagrota: This shrine is also called as Machchli Baba” in local language.


Though, there is no proper way to reach this place and it is also not there on the tourism map of the state but most definitely, visiting this place will be one enriching experience. To reach this place take a local minibus from Nagrota Bazar to Katal Batal village. The bus will drop you to the base of the suspension bridge. Cross the bridge to reach the mountain shadow region where Tawi river takes a serpentine hairpin bend and bulges into a prime water spot. The shrine is at 25 to 30 minute walk from this place.

pahar devta
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The local legend says that The river Tawi was brought here by this Godman, Baba Paher Devta who was the son of Vasuki Nag.

This is the only place in Jammu other than Surinsar and Mansar lake where you will get to see large fish in noticeable quantity. Feeding the fish with bread moulds is a tradition here.

Visiting this place during rains is a little risky as it gets extremely slippery. Also, being a remote location, you might have to suffer mobile signal reception that is weak but the place is worth the walk on a sunny day in winters.

Agar Jitoo in Reasi:  Agar Jitoo is the ancient shrine of Baba Jitoo, a revolutionary peasant, who fought against the old feudal order. The shrine is located at a distance of  8 km from Katra on the way of Shiv Khori and on the main Reasi-Katra Road.

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This divine place comprises of two temples separated by a bridge. Also, there is a natural water source which is said to have been created by Baba Jitoo in order to prevent water crisis of his native village.

This place is very nice and blissful. Sitting here will be very peaceful experience and you will be able to feel the positive vibrations present in the atmosphere.