Food Adulteration – An Alarming Situation & Threat to the Society


Understanding the importance of living in the best kind of environment is as important as realizing that we are what we consume.

Negligence has become such a routine for us that we are getting victimized because of our own deeds. When we talk about all the social evils that are burning like fire in today’s time, we do not even care about the social stigma caused by this not much talked about term “adulteration”.

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Along with all the worldly notions that we are following, we are not concerned about the depth of health loss that we are facing.

Food adulteration is the process in which the quality of food is lowered either by the addition of inferior quality material or by extraction of valuable ingredient. … A food item is said to be adulterated if: A substance which is added to it is injurious for human consumption.

As far as India is concerned, adulteration and contamination are encountered in food consumed at the household level, in the food service establishments and business firms, and also when sold as street foods. Non-permitted colors are the most common additives to foods.

Contamination of mycotoxins, metals and pesticides in daily foods and milk has been found highly toxic and carcinogenic, and about 70% of deaths are supposed to be of food-borne origin.

In this paper, food safety measures are emphasized with an objective of prevention of health hazards and strengthening of regulatory system.

It is possible to prevent food adulteration and contamination if people are made aware of health hazards. If food inspectors are vigilant and active, the risk of food toxicity can be minimized at all levels of food supply and consumption.

Further, simple measures can prevent further complications, particularly those caused by microbiological contaminants. Fatal diseases and health hazards prevalent in India can be minimized and consumers can live happily with good health.

The social life in the communities is strengthened resulting in less expense on health related problems. Citizens who are aware of food adulteration and contamination can arrange camps/campaigns through local bodies and safe food should be the goal for all concerned.

A consumer needs to be as attentive as the vendor. No results can be pertained until or unless every section of what builds up the nation, understands it and takes up the pledge to become responsible.

It is very important to check in deep as to how we being the citizens are contributing towards the growth and development as it is always said that a healthy society builds up a healthy nation.