“Forgive Nirbhaya’s Rapist” Kangana Ranaut Slams Indira Jaising over her remark


Panga actress Kangana Ranaut who has always been vocal about issues relating to the country lashed out at senior lawyer Indira Jaising for saying that Asha Devi (Nirbhaya’s mother) should forgive her daughter’s culprits just like Sonia Gandhi forgave her husband’s killers. An aggressive Kangana didn’t hesitate to bash Jaising’s statement and said that women like her “give birth to these kind of monsters and murderers.”

An angry Kangana further said that Jaising should be kept in jail with Nirbhaya’s rapists for 4 days. She concluded by saying that it is because of women like her who support rapists, that victims fail to get justice.

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Further commenting on the convicts of Nirbhaya, Kangana said, “Firstly they shouldn’t be called minors because if he can reproduce and rape someone then he is not a minor. These men should be hanged till death at crossroads to set an example.”