Free Electricity for Every Household in J&K if Apni Party Comes into Power: Altaf Bukhari


On Monday, Apni Party president Syed Mohd Altaf Bukhari said that power theft had become a restraint for the people of Jammu. Bukhari was addressing a day-long Party convention at Chougan, Kishtwar, attended by a large gathering of the locals.

Bukhari said that the electricity rates are so high that a low-income family can’t afford a fixed electricity connection. So they are constrained for power theft as they are not left with any other option. Bukhari Kishtwar said that if the Apni Party comes into power, every household in J&K will get free electricity up to 300 units.

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Reminding Prime Minister Modi of his statement that development should be a mass movement in Jammu and Kashmir, Bukhari regretted the alienation and a feeling of neglect among the youth of Kishtwar who feel discouraged about the recruitment process carried out by the power projects in the region.

He ridiculed the J&K Govt for its remarks about spending Rs 6000 crores on power purchases. He said this was not a favor to the people of J&K if the Government spends this much amount annually on power purchases. It is a subsidy given to the 1.35 crore people whose natural resources are being utilized for the power generation consumed by the rest of the country.