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IIT Kanpur alumnous Rajiv Aggarwal (IAS:1993:UP) is all set to join Uber India as Head for Policy at a salary and perks of about 400,000$ Or Rs 3 crores. If its true, the pay, perks and position is considered a big jump for an IAS and others alike.

It may be underlined that Rajiv Aggarwal has put in his papers seeking VRS from IAS; almost ten years of his retirement i.e. May 2029. Presently, he is working as Joint Secretary in the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion.

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At a time when several IAS officers are not so enthusiastic about their career prospects Aggarwal’s move would prove to be a benchmark for his peers gauging prospects to move to the corporate world. Recently, a very senior IAS officer in his writeup revealed/apprehended that more IAS resignations are likely in coming months.