Gender Inequality: A Jammu and Kashmir View



The term gender inequality refers to the disparity between men and women in education, political, economic etc. spheres of life. Gender inequality is a complicated issue to discuss as it still keeps women in India at several disadvantages. Birth of a male child is celebrated whereas if a girl is born, either she gets killed or people mourn as if some bad omen has dawned upon them. Later if she somehow  is not killed, society comes up with numerous ways to implement the discrimination clause. This biased behaviour of the society to look down upon women as a weaker gender is prevalent far and wide and Jammu and Kashmir are not far behind. Even though religious convictions make women Goddesses in Hindus and allow extreme respect in Muslims, but people still exploit women and maintain double standards both verbally and bodily.

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  • The core reason behind gender inequality is nothing but lack of education and poverty. Education is of paramount importance in anybody’s life, it gives you a broader perspective and vision. Educated a girl should rather be considered as a life time investment because at some point of time she will get married and move to her husband’s home wherein if she’s qualified she can easily get a job and help her husband by giving a hand up to share expenses.
  • From her birth to death, she is supposed to be kept under the guardianship of a man, whether that man is her father, husband or son. She is not free to go out or have a opinion of her own.
  • Giving them low status in this male dominant society and oppressing them by giving lesser salaries compared to the men working with them.
  • The issue of child marriage, dowry, domestic violence and rape related crimes is another big subject which tells about the sorry state of our society .
  • The male child still gets the nutritious food whereas girls get low quality food, such kind of disparity can severely affect her health in later stages of her life.


  • Some of the male supporting groups have complained that such things do not happen with females only but males do have to face domestic violence . Men’s right activists have told that husbands do get attacked by their wives with household utensils because of their ego but they state that they have no evidence to prove the domestic violence.


  • Changing the mindset of the people by making them aware about female rights and their contributions and value in the society.
  • Educating women to push them from the custody of their guardians so that they can become independent and fearless.
  • Making women aware about the endless possibilities of starting their own businesses to make a living and securing their future.
  • Putting an end to sex selective abortion which are at peak in our country ( about 1 lakh illegal abortions are done every year).


The shocking revelations about gender disparity can be determined from the fact India ranks 127th on gender inequality index whereas 114th on gender gap in the world. A high-level committee chaired by Ram Rajput have drafted a report which shows that India is worst on gender discrimination as only 3% women are vice-chancellors of about 600 universities and the sex-ratio in 1980s was 32.2%  which have fallen drastically to 24% in 2014.

For the years to come, let us just hope that this patriarchal society will find some answers to the prevalent customs and biased behaviour of the society towards women.