Get inked with Gaurav Jamwal !!

He is one of the finest tattoo artists in Jammu.

IN PAST, Tattoos were very much in vogue with Dogri Women and now it is a new found craze that has hit the youngsters of Jammu. From teenagers to middle aged men and women, everyone who either likes to make a statement about their personality or to exhibit style will have at least one tattoo on his/her body.

Getting a tattoo has always been commonplace but in a place like Jammu, the biggest question that comes into the minds of all those who want to get their body engraved is  “where to go?”

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And this is where Gaurav Jamwal comes to their rescue. He is perhaps the first breed of artists who converted the art of making a tattoo into a successful business model in the form of Taboo, the tattooist. Presently, he is one of the finest tattoo artists in Jammu.

Get inked with Gaurav Jamwal

Hailing from Jammu and belonging to a family of Government Employees, Gaurav always wanted to choose a career which is something ‘Hatke‘. He completed his higher studies and even qualified for a government job like his father but then he dropped the idea of joining it and went to Chandigarh. Here, he learnt the art of making tattoos and disco jockeying. He worked at various places as a DJ before entering into the field of tattooing.

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For a boy who belongs to Jammu, this profession is very much at peak of the list of unconventional career choices. U4UVoice asked him about how his family reacted when he told them that he wanted to open a tattoo studio. “They were shocked. My dad always wanted to me to work in some government sector but I owe this to my rebel nature and idea of challenging the status quo, I took tattooing as a profession,” he said

“It took a lot of convincing back then but today when they see me happily working and earning enough, they feel good about it,” he added.

Gaurav opened his studio called “Taboo, the tattooist” almost 9 years ago and still counting. He has tattooed thousands of men and women from Jammu and outside.

When asked what kind of designs Jammuites usually go for in tattoos, he replied, the youth mostly wants to have a tattoo they see on their favourite celebrities. Also, Men like big designs, the kind of stuff they see on the body of wrestlers whereas women like getting butterflies, stars  and flowers. Besides, these days getting your partners name tattooed is also a popular trend among the middle aged people.

Get inked with Gaurav Jamwal
He is one of the finest tattoo artists in Jammu.

Tattoo has grown from style statement to an expression now and not only just young boys and girls but lot of my clients are doctors and other working professional too.

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We also asked Gaurav about any kind of health threat involved with this art and should people with sensitive skin go for a tattoo? To this he replied, “There is no serious threat involved but Yes! tattoo needs a little care in the start. I use a fresh needle every time but as a precaution, you need to get a Tetanus injection immediately after getting the tattoo done. Besides, you need to protect your tattoo from sunlight and water for a week and apply Vaseline petroleum jelly until the dead skin comes out.”

Get inked with Gaurav Jamwal
Gautam Jamwal while tattooing his client

In his advise to the individuals who want to get a tattoo done Gaurav said “Please do your research before you get a tattoo done. Remember, a Tattoo is forever and therefore spending some time thinking about the same is highly recommended.”