Get ready to Watch This J&K Lad on BIG Screen: Who is He?


Arslan Goni garners appreciation for his debut performance in Jia Aur Jia!

Walking away with a commendable response for his debut in Jia Aur Jia, alongside talented actors including Richa Chadda and Kalki Koechlin, Arslan Goni has found permanence in Bollywood.
The debutante impressed in his act as Vasu Bergman, an Indo-Swedish, liquor loving guy, winning viewers’ hearts every time he lit the celluloid with his screen presence. Here’s what the reviews say about the promising actor:

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Arslan Goni, adds a bit more glint to this curiously quaint yet feisty and sexy road film which adds value to its zany touristic good-times-in-distant-lands theme with a sobering message on why life needs to be valued beyond the calamities that are bestowed on us.

Vasu’s character (Arslan Goni) is quite impressive.


While the state of Kashmir has been in a constant place of conflict, there have been many who have made their way out to showcase their talent. Hailing from a family of lawyers and high ranked government officials in Kashmir, actor Arslan Goni is trying to tread his own path in this industry. Making his debut in Jia Aur Jia opposite Kalki Koechlin and Richa Chadda, the actor says that it was a learning and a memorable experience.

How was the experience working with Kalki Koechlin and Richa Chadda in ‘Jia Aur Jia’?

It was a great experience working with both of them and the whole team of the film. Most of them had more experienced compared to me and in spite of that they were very nice to me throughout the shoot.

Tell us something more about your role, as you will be romancing two very beautiful and talented women in the movie…

I play a guy who is a sculpture and is half Sweden and half south Indian. He lives in Sweden and that’s where he meets these two women who are out on an adventure. He looks at their perspective, the baggage that they come with and starts to look at them in a very different way. The whole movie is about their friendships, love and lives.

Were you nervous shooting with them as you said, they had more experience than you?
Oh yes, I was very nervous. It dawned on me six or seven days before that shoot that it was time to perform what I dreamed of doing. Moreover, you have such talented actress like Kalki and Richa, that the pressure was another level. But they have been very accommodating and shared some tips to help me improve.

Your second film is with Nazia Hussain (Sanjay Dutt’s niece), as a lead. How was that experience?

I am still shooting for it. This film is completely poles apart from Jia Aur Jia. In this untitled film I am playing a guy from a small town and how they lives are. It is a bit more humble film. We still haven’t decided on date of the release till now.

Your brother is doing very well in television, why didn’t you start with the small screen?
I never tried for television. Everyone’s style of struggle is very different, but the problem is not the medium but content. In future if I am offered a good role with good content then I wouldn’t mind doing television. I am very proud of my brother and all that he has achieved.

As a Kashmiri boy how was it growing up in such a conflict area?
I stayed in Kashmir till the age of seven and then I went to boarding school in Dehradun. Though I used to visit there for vacations. Yes, it was a conflict zone and things were very tense, schools used to be shut for seven or eight months. It has been a very sad what has been happening there for the past 25 years. I always pray to god that we see some kind of peace and harmony soon.

Did you have any cultural change when you shifted to Mumbai?

Actually, I have been coming to Mumbai since I was a boy, so I was acclimated with the city. Moreover, when you are studying in a boarding school you meet so many people from all walks of life that when you shift to a new city it is not that scary. Some people do take time to adjust, but with the so much of globalisation people have more idea about the place before they get there.