Impose Governor rule in Jammu & Kashmir, Details here


Senior BJP leader and Member of Rajya Sabha, Subramanian Swamy on Friday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring Jammu & Kashmir under Governor’s rule and give the army the necessary orders to shoot terrorists in Kashmir.

“Situation in Kashmir is alarming. Ruling PDP is hand-in-glove with terrorists. It would be dangerous to allow it to remain at the helm of affairs in Jammu & Kashmir. I have been saying since long that Jammu & Kashmir be brought under the Governor’s rule.

The present Governor should be changed. A military-minded Governor should be immediately appointed in the state. The whole state should be brought under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act,” said BJP leader while reacting to the killings of Rising Kashmir Editor-in-Chief Shujaat Bukhari in Srinagar and an army man of 44 RR Aurangzeb in Pulwama on the eve of Eid on Thursday.

Without criticizing the Narendra Modi Government’s policy towards the scourge of terror in the state, Swamy said that “Israel has mastered the art of tackling terrorists”, that “it is time for New Delhi to follow the Israeli model” and that the “army must be given the power to shoot terrorists, as they only understand the language of the bullet”.


“If the cult of terror has to be ended, New Delhi has to imitate Israel,” he said, adding that “what happened in Kashmir, and what had been happening in Kashmir for quite sometime now, was bound to happen as the policy adopted by New Delhi is not like that of Israel”.
Besides, senior BJP leader has also rejected the suggestion that ceasefire should be extended beyond Eid, saying “it must not be extended as the Ramzan ceasefire didn’t produce the desired results”.

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