Haider actress Shraddha Kapoor loves Kashmir, wants to buy a house in Valley


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A candid chat between Shradha Kapoor and U4UVoice reporter Lubna Reshi

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We would like you to define Shraddha Kapoor for our readers?

This is an ongoing discovery, so there is nothing in particular that I can say that defines myself. But I would say I am adventurous and I am very curious. I like to know about things like how things happened. Actually I find it very difficult to define myself (laughs) for that is for other people to define like those who interact with me. But I would say the way I look my appetite is 10 times bigger than this. I feel hungry so often (laughs) just a random fact for you.

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Can we have a little idea about your background?
Basically I have had my education from Mumbai only and then I went to Boston for further studies which I later dropped for acting. I always wanted to be actor so when I was in college I got this feeling that this is the right time to go and act. So I said to myself enough of studies go and do it.

What were you studying in Boston?
I was studying Liberal Arts but I left that midway but if you will ask me what would have I got a degree in I would say psychology.

Is that you are interested in psychology?
Yes, I like to know about people, what they are thinking, ideas about their minds etc seems very fascinating to me

How did you come to be an actress? Are you a natural actor or trained for this profession?
I don’t know does it come naturally but I would say since very young age I wanted to an actress. I had that interest always because I belong to a film family. I have seen dad going for acting. I used to accompany him to sets so I would say that curiosity began from childhood only.


So is it largely because of your parents that you are here?
Yes, definitely I would see how dad would come back home in different get ups. I would wonder about his different styles. While being an actor you get to play Shradha kapoor (6)so many characters in a single lifetime so it was very fascinating.

Have you received any formal training?
No, not any formal training but yes before doing Aashiqui 2 we did a workshop with Mukesh Chabbra to get more into our characters, so that we would understand the things well. We also did readings with directors.

Coming to Haider, tell us how did it happen to you?
Actually Vishal ji came to me – who was a dream director for me — he thought I am fit for this character because of which he approached me. He had also seen my last film may be that was also a reason.

What is your role and what is this movie about?
I can’t tell you much about role and film but I am playing role of Ophelia.

How do you feel working with Director Vishal bharadwaj and of course your co actor Shahid Kapoor?
Vishal Ji is so brilliant director and everyone knows that but once you work with him you get to know why people say so. When you interact with him that he makes you feel so good that you feel good about yourself. He works very pleasantly. The way he makes you understand is very nice. He is very easy going director and lets you do what you want.

And for Shahid – I am paired opposite him in this film — so I get to learn a lot from him. I get inspired by the way he works. I keep on taking pointers from him.

You said Vishal Bhardwaj was a dream director can we knoShradha kapoor (4)w who all fall in this list?
Yea, it is Anurag kashyp, Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhasali, Aditya Chopra etc.

Any particular actor you wanna work with?
Farhan Akhtar, because I think he is very talented.

What kinds of roles do you like to play and what kind of movies. Would you prefer glamorous roles or some strong woman centric roles as well?
I want to fit in every kind of roles. I want to do different kinds of roles so there are no blocks. Role should be interesting and should create an excitement to take up the journey.

So talking about the journey who was it till now?
I would say my journey has just started. After Aashiqui 2 everything changed suddenly. So many people watched our movie and are now recognising us. When I walk by, people call me as Aarohi (name of my character in Aashiqui 2). I feel so much appreciated by people that sometimes I feel like I can’t take it but it also increases pressure to ensure that I would keep them smiling.

What are the other projects in your kitty right now?
Right now I am working on two films, one being Haider and another one is Villain — which is again directed by Mohit Suri. In Villain I am paired opposite Siddharth Malhotra and I am working simultaneously on it as well.

Coming to Kashmir how would you describe the place and the people?Shradha kapoor (2)

I am so happy that I got a chance to visit Kashmir in my life time. So I feel like I am on vacations. You know we are shooting in such wonderful locations that our film is gonna look very beautiful because of Kashmir. It’s so peaceful and calm over here. It is so chilling but still you love it.

As far as talking to people is concerned I didn’t get much to do so. But I think there is a sense of calmness in them, they are very loving. The way they interact is very lovely, their voice is melodious. I am trying to impersonate that way in the film.

What is that special memory you gonna take back with you?
I am gonna take every single memory with me. The way people talked to me, the love they showered upon me everything. I am making a reel in my mind and would take that back with me.

Any wish which Kashmir has generated?
Yea, I wish I could buy a house over here. I even talked to my mom about it. So let us hope.

Photographs by : Arif Bashir Wani