Haryana: Vehicles stopped, 10 women dragged out and raped in fields

Image Courtesy: Tribune News

Murthal (Sonepat), Feb 23: At least 10 women were reportedly raped during the wee hours of Monday morning in the fields nearby National Highway in Sonepat. The women were commuting in vehicles which were stopped and the women were dragged out into the nearby fields and raped.

However, the police dismissed the incident as rumour and the district officials have directed the families of victims to not report the matter to anyone “for the sake of their honour” but the eyewitnesses said that atleast 10 women were assaulted sexually by 30 men.

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Reports in The Tribune say, the men attacked their vehicles and set it on fire. The men who were present in the vehicles ran away but the attackers did not allow women to flee. They stripped and raped the ladies and escaped. The women were later found laying naked in the fields by their menfolk who came looking for them.

A eyewitness said on the condition of anonymity that the women were looking lifeless. They all were handed over to their families in the Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba in the presence of senior police officers. Despite initiating investigation into the matter, the officials persuaded the families to take their women home.

Also the owner of the Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba, Amrik Singh said the goons also tried to set the dhaba on fire. He learnt that about the rape of women took place nearby at 3 am when some travellers reported of the victims wailing.

Another person, Hari Krishan of Kurad and Zile Singh of Hassanpur said that the administration with a view to shield the criminals did not talk about the incident. The victims were persuaded by “senior officers” not to pursue the matter on the plea that it would bring them a bad name and “what had happened could not be undone”.

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However, a senior IPS officer said that the incident is just a rumour and the media should refrain from writing anything that could create tension in society.