Heavy rains damage houses in Channi Rama, authorities sleeping


By Citizen Journalist Jasdev Singh Jamwal

Jammu: The city experienced heavy rainfall two nights ago and many areas have had huge amount of destruction and chaos. Channi Rama, was also one among the various parts in the city which faced the wrath of water logging in Jammu.

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Channi Rama Flooding (1)

The residents of the place have suffered great loss of their properties as logged water entered into their homes. The locals are having a hard time even after one day as many objects in their houses were washed away.

Channi Rama Flooding (3)

“We have informed all possible authorities but no serious actions have been taken yet. It’s a matter  of great concern as it may lead to damage of lives of people residing here.”, said, a local.

Channi Rama Flooding (4)

It’s high time that the authorities need to keep a check on such repetitive episodes which almost occur after every heavy rain in Jammu.

Channi Rama Flooding (2)

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