History of top ten earthquakes in Jammu and Kashmir


By Akanksha Gupta

The massive earthquake measuring 7.5 on richter scale rocked Jammu and Kashmir Monday afternoon and caused huge damage to life and property across the Valley which comes under Seismic Zone 5 an area highly prone to earthquakes.

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The following is a list of the top ten earthquakes ever recorded in Jammu and Kashmir before the most recent one on Monday.

April 4, 1905: The intensity of this earth quake was the 8.0 mw. The earthquake rocked Jammu and Kashmir, Kangra Valley and Himachal Pradesh. The earthquake measured 7.8 on the surface wave magnitude scale and killed more than 20,000 people.

October 8, 2005: This earthquake hit with intensity of 7.6 mw. The epicenter of the earthquake was in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, near the city of Muzaffarabad. The earthquake was among the worst to ever hit the state. It caused extensive destruction in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir; Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province; the western and southern regions of the Kashmir Valley, part of India-administered Kashmir; and northern Pakistan. Damage was also reported in northern India and Afghanistan. A total of more than 80,000 people perished as a result of this earthquake, while an estimated 4 million others were left homeless.

May 30 1885: The earthquake measuring intensity of 7.0 mw shook everyone on May 30, 1885 and more or less violent aftershocks were felt up to August 16. It is said that 3,500 persons were killed, and the number of cattle, ponies and other domestic animals crushed by falling buildings was enormous. Houses were destroyed and there was general panic that made people sleeping out of doors for many days. The areas most affected of this earth quake were Baramula and Pattan.

January 16, 1973: The magnitude of this earthquake was 6.5 mw.

June 22 1945: A magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck Himachal Pradesh on June 22 at a depth of 20.0 km which also affected parts of Jammu Kashmir.

September 3, 1972: The earthquake hit our state with 6.2 mw and the epicenter was located in North West Kashmir. This earthquake gave rise to a sequence of aftershocks.

June 6, 1828: The earthquake struck the state on June 6, 1828 with a magnitude 6.0 mw and resulted in the death of around one thousand people. Also, there were some severe damages in the state due to this earthquake.

Feburary 20, 1967: The earthquake hit with a magnitude of 5.5 J&K on Monday, February 20, 1967 at quarter to three in the afternoon. The epicenter was located in Eastern Kashmir.

August 23, 1980: On August 23, 1980 at about 9:50 pm, an earthquake of 5.5 mw shook Jammu and Kashmir along with its neighbouring states. The areas which got affected the most due to this earth quake were Kathua , Chamba, Dharkalan , Udhampur,Pathankot.

September 2, 1963: Over 100 persons were killed and nearly 500 injured in Badgam district of Kashmir Valley on September 2, 1963 when a severe earthquake with a magnitude 5.3 mw shook the area at about 7.05 in the morning.