Home decor tips for winter


Terracotta tiles, furry rugs and thick curtains in unconventional shades should be your pick this winter, says an expert.

Navneet Malhotra, Co-founder at Renomania.com, an online home décor platform, has shared a few tips and tricks that you could use to decorate your home:

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*Play with colours: Pastel pink, blues, mint green, earthen beige and metallic grey would be in trend throughout the next year. If you are a lover of the conventional white walls, you can add a pop of colour through a piece of furniture, like an arty, floral couch in a corner or powder blue curtains to give your room a nice and bright look.

*Unconventional textures and fabrics: You can give your house a very earthen look by opting for terracotta tiles. They are rustic and give the house a warm, cosy look. You can pair it up with beige interiors and jute furniture to complete the look.

*Light it up: Lights are a very important part of home décor. People spend huge amounts on classy LED lights and glamourous chandeliers.

Opt for lamps to keep your house bright and lit up. You can also go for fairy lights that are easy on the pocket and elegant to look at.

*Add zeal with the right furnishings: The furnishings that you choose for your house should make your house winter ready. The curtains that you choose should ideally be colourful and thick. They should be able to add zest to the wintery gloom and also keep the house warm.

Thick, furry rugs are a good option in such a weather that make the house look pretty and wintery.

*Accessorise: You can finish the décor of your house by accessorising it with all the winter friendly décor. Candles not only add warmth to your house but also make it look festive. Something conservative like crystal or brass candle stands would look beautiful and bright.