Hot weather, lack of facilities in Srinagar Govt schools make life difficult for students


schoolsIn this scorching heat children studying in government schools in Kashmir are forced to sit in small classrooms which are devoid of all facilities. All of this is worrying the parents whose children study in these schools sans any facilities.

“Lack of infrastructure and quality education is a big time worry for these parents as they cannot put their children in private schools,” says Habib Khan, a parent. Due to lack of facilities the results of these schools are also abysmal.

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“I don’t know whom to blame, students or school authorities. The results of these schools are so poor that one cannot expect something good,” says Rafiq Ahmad, a parent.

As per some parents for a student to grow or to focus the ambience should be such that a student lovez to study but they say in congested environment how will they focus on their focus.

“There are some schools where students sit on each others lap as seats are few in that case how will a student devote the time to study,” says Javed, another parent.

Javed says in a small room big group of students are jam packed and authorities pay no attention towards it.

During summers due to heat students say they can never give time to studies. “The class rooms we study in are so small that heat becomes unbearable and in absence of facilities problems are compunded,” says Fathima, a class 8th student.

As per these students there are no fans or drinking water facilities at govt schools due to which they prefer to shun schools.

“We cannot think of attending classes regularly in an environment where there are no cooling facilities available. We are being herd like cattle into classrooms which is utterly unacceptable,” students say.

Parents say that though there are so many centrally sponsored schemes available yet nothing is being done to build better infrastructure.

“Infrastructure in almost all the government schools is lagging behind. Nothing is being done to create a change,” Rafiq adds.

Parents say that authorities are not short of funds but it is because of their callous attitude that they are lagging behind.

“They are playing with the future of children by not providing them better facilities,” parents say.

Lubna Reshi