How can any school allow ferrying little children in tempos?


Image shared from the social media account of Mohit Kandhari

Every now and then we hear news of little children dying in road accidents on their way to school or home.

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A child’s safety begins before she arrives at school, and it doesn’t end until she arrive safely back home.

Many children take bus to school. Some children who live close enough, prefer to walk to school and there are children who take auto-rickshaws to school. This may seem normal, but what may come as more of a surprise is children travelling in a tempo to reach school.


Have a look at this picture and then think, as a civil and developed society where are we heading towards?

These are the students of a private school in Channi Himmat.

Is this tempo, which is literally open from all the sides, safe for small children ? ‘They could easily fall and seriously hurt themselves.

From this picture, you can think about the various ramifications of travelling in such unsafe and risky vehicle. We do not need to explain that.

An important question arises here. What is the school management doing? Even if this service is not provided by them, they should immediately take action against it. The safety of their students should be paramount for them irrespective of whether they are providing this service or not.

When animals and cattle are ferried in such vehicles we make so much noise and talk about animal rights. But when little children are being ferried in such vehicle why do we close our eyes and turn our backs to such sensitive issues?

Strict action should be taken against offenders by the school management as school can play a major role in addressing the issue.

It’s a crime to put children’s lives at risk.