Hurriyat expose: Will we see a final showdown in Kashmir finally?



In a recent media expose which unravelled funding network of the separatist organisations in the valley, the ruling BJP leaders have geared up to corner the accused persons who have been found to be involved. The expose that left Hurriyat leaders and their ulterior motives completely naked has made it evident that the conflict in Kashmir has been carefully sustained by these elements and not inadvertent. The National Investigation Agency  has begun its preliminary probe against top Hurriyat leaders for allegedly receiving funds from Pakistan-based terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Jamaat-Ud-Dawa (JuD) headed by Hafiz Saeed and others to foment violence in Kashmir Valley. So should we finally expect a ‘Final -showdown’ of the socio-political battle in Kashmir?


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The expose might have brought the ‘Pak-Hurriyat friendship’ in the spotlight but it’s not something that we have not known. A man meditating in a cave in Badrinath for 20 years too is aware that the Pakistan has been fuelling the conflict in Kashmir. Since the insurgency in early 90s, successive governments have repeatedly pointed finger upon the Hurriyat and Pakistan for the chaos in Kashmir. Kashmir witnessed violence, suffered loss of life and property and dealt with a situation of precarity constantly during this period. Despite that, the government romanticised with the indecision to either peace talk it out or whiplash them for over 25 years but never did a thing!


A firebrand senior BJP leader in the state of Jammu and Kashmir gave a clear, open warning to the separatists. He said that the BJP will lead a crackdown on Hurriyat leaders who have been found to be involved in the hawala network. It in fact, seems, that the leaders are now determined to weed out these anti-national elements. But can they ensure a timeframe of the action to taken? Now that there’s enough evidence beyond doubt, what stops them from bringing the accused under the hammer of Law? Why has not a visible action taken place until now in all these years? Will we recline in our chairs again to watch Kashmir suffer until a next expose? How many deaths will it take for us to notice what our ‘inaction’ has entailed?

Only time will tell that.