‘I was looted at Lakhanpur toll plaza’


When the whole country is in panic mode regarding demonization of big currencies notes of Rs 500 and Rs.1000 , administration at Lakhanpur
toll plaza garbbed this opportunity to make some money for themselves as well as to harass public. Announcement of surgical strike was a sudden surprise , which shocked the whole country. With connection to this central government made an announcement that there will be no toll for 2 days, which now stands extended to Nov 14.

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As told by Mr. Vinay Gupta, president of Hindu Sena Jammu, while he was returning back from a business trip from Gurugram, he was stopped at Lakhanpur toll. He was already aware of the announcement made by the central govt. and alleged that no other toll plaza on his way from Gurugram to upto Lakhankpur asked for toll.


Upon reaching Lakhanpur toll plaza, when toll collector asked from him to pay the toll, he was taken aback and politely told the collector that “today you are not supposed to be collecting toll tax as per orders issued by union government of India”

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Reply from the  toll collector was shocking. He said to him that “Indian rules aren’t implemented in J&K”. So, you will have to pay toll tax.

Then, Mr. Vijay paid the tax by giving a note of Rs.500. The toll tax was Rs.70 when he asked for the remaining sum, the officials gave him change in the form of Rs. 1,Rs. 2 and Rs. 5 coins. Perplexed, Mr. Vijay asked them, “it will be better if I get notes is some other denominations as it will be difficult for him to count this much change”, as there was a long queue waiting to get through that toll post. In reply they said go ahead and count if you found any discrepancy then return.

Saddened by their misbehavior, he straight away returned home. Upon reaching home, when he calculated the change, he found out that the money that they were supposed to return was  Rs.430 but they only returned Rs.370.

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While government owned national toll plazas have been refrained from accepting toll till November 14 midnight, state toll plazas stay exempted from this ruling. State govt. has also not passed any orders inthis regard.

While on one hand, it may be right for the officials at toll plaza to accept the toll, the amount returned is a sheer example of loot on their part. We can’t say if it was negligent or intentional. But it highlights that even after India has joined hands to fight corruption, such practices defy all efforts to pave way for a better India.

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