In conversation with BJP State Spokesperson: “BJP does not support any criminal”, says Sh. Arun Kumar Gupta


U4UVoice is in conversation with BJP State Spokesperson Sh. Arun Kumar Gupta regarding the issues of Jammu & Kashmir.

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In the ongoing issue related to Asifa rape and murder case Sh. Arun Kumar Gupta said that BJP does not support any criminal and every criminal should get severe punishment.

He said that BJP is not in support of any accused in Asifa rape and murder case. Court decision is mandatory and everybody has to respect that decision.

Sh. Arun Kumar Gupta said “the BJP’s stance on Article 370 as also Article 35-A is very well known among people, and does not need to be reiterated here. He said that Article 370 and Article 35A must be removed as implementation of these articles has made Jammu & Kashmir lack behind from the whole country. No jobs, no infrastructure are there. Removing these articles will create lots of opportunities for the people of J&K especially youth.